An austenitic chromium-nickel grade, Alloy 310S displays excellent oxidation resistance up to 1094°C

Alloy 310S displays excellent resistance to oxidation under mildly cyclic conditions. As a result of its high chromium and nickel content, Alloy 310S has good resistance to sulphidation and other forms of hot corrosion.

  • UNS Number: S31008
  • Werkstoff Number: 1.4845
  • ASTM: A240, A276, A312, A479, 5651
  • AMS: 5521

Product availability

Pipe (Seamless)
Round Bar
Welding Wire

Chemical analysis



  • Flare tips
  • Fluidized bed coal combustors
  • Radiant tubes
  • Tube hangers for petroleum refining and steam boilers
  • Coal gasifier internal components
  • Thermowells and refractory anchor bolts
  • Burners, combustion chambers
  • Retorts, muffles, annealing covers
  • Cryogenic structures

About Alloy 310S

Alloy 310S is widely used in moderately carburizing atmospheres such as those encountered in petrochemical environments. The more severely carburizing atmospheres of industrial heat treating furnaces require RA330® or RA333®. Alloy 310S is not suggested for the severe thermal shock of repeated liquid quenching.

The grain size and carbon content meets both 310S and 310H requirements. Alloy 310S is often used at cryogenic temperatures, with excellent toughness and low magnetic permeability. Alloy 310S has good machinability and is readily fabricated.

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  • Density: 7.86 g/cm³
  • Melting range: 1354 – 1401.7 °C

Mechanical & Physical Properties

Mechanical & Physical Properties21.1 °C537.8 °C648.9 °C760 °C871.1 °C982 °C1093 °C
Ultimate Tensile Strength/ MPa551.6467.5373242131.7--
0.2% Yield Strength/ MPa241.3143.4142.7133.184.1--
Elongation %5247434648--
Minimum Creep 0.0001% per hr/ MPa--102.722.87.61.9-
10,000 hr Rupture Strength / MPa--99.33110.34.6-
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion µm/m⁰C-17.117.618.118.318.519.1
Thermal Conductivity/kcal/(hr.m.°C)11.320.222.62527.429.8-
Modulus of Elasticity/ x105 MPa21.591.51.411.32--
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