Inspection & Reverse Engineering


NeoNickel’s continuous investments in the latest technology includes the Inspecvision Planar 70.20® inspection equipment.

Component parts are placed on a backlit glass surface and with a single click or scan with a barcode over 40 million edge measurements are taken in 0.1 seconds using a high resolution camera.

Within seconds Planar will:

  • Import the CAD file for the part
  • Extract the relevant profile data
  • Extract all dimensions and tolerance data from the layers
  • Measure the part
  • Generate reports automatically including measured data, nominal data, tolerance information and indicate all - - PASS/FAIL items
  • Display/Print a colour deviation diagram comparing CAD data to measurement data
  • Project deviations back onto the part using Augmented Reality
  • Output SPC data for analysis

2D Reverse Engineering

NeoNickel can offer precision 2D reverse engineering creating dxf or dwg CAD files within seconds. Our skilled operators will edit and clean the data to provide standardisation of hole sizes and clean edges. This eliminates the need to manually create CAD drawings.



  • Max. Length: 1000 mm
  • Max. Width: 667 mm
  • Max. Thickness: 350 mm
  • Max. Weight: 50 kg - UDL*
  • Max. Length: +/- 20 / 40μm***

* Uniformly Distributed Load ** Tests based on ISO 10360 *** Actual measuring accuracies achieved will depend on operating environment, user input, quality and condition of materials.

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