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A nickel-iron-chromium grade, RA330® offers an exceptional combination of strength and resistance to carburisation, oxidation and thermal shock.

RA330® was created to service the needs of the thermal process industries with a reliable source of a wrought product that could handle high temperature carburizing and nitriding conditions with repeated quenching. RA330® has excellent oxidation resistance up to 1148°C.


Product formSize range fromSize range to
RA330® expanded metalTo customer specificationsTo customer specifications
RA330® pipe0.5 in152.4 in
RA330® round bar3.175 mm152.4 mm
RA330® sheet & plate1.22 mm76.2 mm
RA330® welding wire0.89 mm3.175 mm
RA330® coil3 mm4 mm
RA330® pipe fittings3 mm4 mm

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Perfect for applications in the Thermal Processing industry

RA330® can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Muffles and retorts
  • Quenching fixtures
  • Furnace, fans and shafts
  • Hot pressing platens
  • Bar baskets
  • Radiant tubes
  • Salt pots – both neutral and cyanite
  • Tube hangers for crude oil heaters and steam boilers

About RA330®

The chemical composition of RA330® has changed over the years to allow for improved performance in the thermal process industry.

RA330® is the workhorse of the heat resistant alloys with good strength and oxidising resistance up to 1148°C. In addition, the alloy is excellent in carburising and nitriding environments.

The properties of RA330® are enhanced by a nominal 1.25% silicon addition. It has been designed to withstand thermal shock induced by liquid quenching.

RA330® finds wide applications in high temperature environments where good resistance to the combined effect of carburisation and thermal cycling conditions are the prime requisite.

RA330® remains fully austenitic at all temperatures so it is not subject to sigma embrittlement. It is highly resistant to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking and thus an alloy of choice where common stainless grades have failed by stress corrosion cracking.

RA330® can be fabricated and machined using procedures used for stainless steels or nickel-chromium alloys. Heat treatment is not necessary after most forming and welding operations. When required, the recommended full anneal is 1038-1371°C, rapid air cool or water quench. RA330® can be readily welded using RA330-04® or other weld fillers of matching conditions.


7944 g/cm³


UNS Number:
ASTM B511, B512, B535, B536, B546, B710, B739, AMS 5592, 5716, B829, B726
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