For excellent low-expansion properties, look no further than Alloy 36.

Alloy 36 is a nickel-iron, low-expansion alloy containing 36% nickel. It maintains almost constant dimensions above normal room temperature, and has a low coefficient of expansion from cryogenic temperatures to about 260°C.

  • UNS Number: K93603
  • Werkstoff Number: 1.3912
  • ASTM: F 1684-06
  • Other: AFNOR NF A54-301

Product availability

Round Bar
Welding Wire

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  • Tooling and dies for composite forming
  • Cryogenic components

About Alloy 36

Alloy 36 retains incredible strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures. It can also be hot and cold formed and is readily machined using processes similar to austenitic stainless steels. Alloy 36 is weldable using Filler Metal CF36 which is available in bare wire for both the GTAW and GMAW process.

Features of Alloy 36 include:

  • Low expansion rate up to 260°C
  • Readily weldable

This alloy has been used in a variety of markets for a wide array of applications, including tooling and dies for composite forming and cryogenic components.

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  • Density: 8.110 g/cm³
  • Melting point: 1429 °C
  • Electrical Resistivity: 0.8 µΩ.m
  • Curie Temperature: 400 °C

Mechanical & Physical Properties

Mechanical & Physical Properties195.6°C21.1°C93.3°C148.9°C204.4°C315.6°C371.1°C537.8°C648.9°C
Ultimate Tensile Strength /MPa-490430-430410350290210
0.2% Yield Strength /MPa-290240-11093939377
Reduction of area %-7070-7070706967
Elongation %-4242-4548535968
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion /µm/m°C1.44-1.441.982.525.588.4610.08-

Typical Tensile Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi71626259514230
0.2% Yield Strength, ksi35261613131311
Elongation, %42434548535968
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