Prodec from NeoNickel is an austenitic stainless steel with a difference. The uniqueness of this material lies in its name; ‘Prodec’ comes from the words ‘Production Economy’ and was coined as a result of the material’s uniformity and optimal machinability. This results in fabricators being able to machine at much higher speeds and feeds, producing the highest quality parts at the lowest total cost.

Highly Versatile Stainless Steel

Prodec 304/304L is an improved version of the standard 304/304L stainless steels on offer and while it displays the same strengths and corrosion resistance associated with these materials, it also has the added benefit of extending tool life, increasing yields and reducing machine costs. It is a versatile, general purpose stainless steel that displays outstanding resistance to atmospheric corrosion and vast numbers of organic and inorganic chemicals.

Suitable For a Range of Industries

As you would expect, this has led to Prodec being highly sought after in a huge variety of industries, most notably the chemical process and food/beverage industries; however it is perfectly suited when applied to any area that requires extensive machining. It is also used in areas where high integrity is essential, such as in vacuum processing equipment and other specialised instruments.

The Ultimate in Machinability

All in all Prodec from NeoNickel combines superior strength and corrosion resistance with the ultimate in machineability to provide one of the most functional and value for money alloys available today. At NeoNickel we have many years experience in providing high quality metals to customers of all sizes throughout the world. In fact the quality of our products, allied to our commitment to our customers has seen us develop an enviable reputation that keeps us ahead of the competition.

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