RA330® Carburizing Retorts


The process of carburizing is one of the most effective heat-treating operations used to improve strength and wear resistance. The process involves heating carbon and alloy steels to a temperature above its transformation range whilst it is in the presence of a carbonaceous material. A solid ferrous alloy is created, before a solid carburized case is produce after quenching the alloy.

Whilst this process is good for the steel being treated the high temperatures can quickly destroy alloys that might be used within furnaces and fixtures used throughout the process.

Blog ImagePadley & Venables are one of many companies benefitting from the RA330® alloy, which they have used for their large carburizing retort. This is the vessel that contains hot carburizing gas used in their metal destroying heat-treating environment. The original retort was plagued with problems whereas the RA330® offers a high level, efficient performance.

Standing at 31ft tall and with a diameter of 40inches it is one of the largest gas carburizing retorts in Europe.

Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock

RA330® is an alloy made up of 35% nickel, 19% chromium and 1.25% silicon. Its excellent resistance to thermal shock and carburization has made it an integral alloy within the heat-treating industry. Other applications of this alloy include conveyors, fans and various incineration equipment.

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