How to Select the Right Metal Alloy


Metal alloys are enormously versatile compounds that consist of usually two components, at least one of which is a metal. By combining elements, particularly metals, in this way, new materials can be created that have unique properties quite different from their component elements.

These properties make metal alloys very useful to engineers, particularly for the manufacture of components that have to be harder and more durable and corrosion resistant than those made of pure metals.

[![Nickel alloys have outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.]( "Which metal alloy is right for me?")]( alloys have outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.
### Which metal alloy is right for me?

There are many types of metal alloys. Each has its own characteristics. Nickel alloys are highly versatile, with outstanding heat and corrosion resistance. Stainless steels are tremendously strong. Titanium and magnesium alloys are light, due to their low density, and also immensely strong which makes them suitable for small, light components. Cobalt alloys are stress and corrosion resistant.

Long standing expertise in the supply of metal alloys

Faced with this wide range of metal alloys, engineers need expert guidance on which is the right one for the purpose they have designed. NeoNickel have long-standing expertise in the supply of metal alloys to a wide range of industries. Our company is the highly regarded market leader in Europe, with long experience in the field and is known as as a supplier of the best quality heat and corrosion resistant, titanium, aerospace and stainless steel alloys to global destinations.

[![Our metallurgical laboratory.]( "Full metallurgical laboratory service")]( metallurgical laboratory.
### Full metallurgical laboratory service

NeoNickel maintains a full metallurgical laboratory service with alloy corrosion testing and high temperature oxidation studies. Applications engineers can work directly with you to determine which material is best suited to your application. We can help you determine why an existing component may have failed and what material should be used to replace it, or can make recommendations about specific alloys for the manufacture of new components. We can provide information on component life expectancy which can help you cost your manufacturing and maintenance schedules. We can also provide sample materials for you to conduct your own tests.

Large inventory of stock

Our stock includes a range of grades of nickel, titanium, duplex, stainless and super alloys in plate, pipe, sheet bar and fittings. NeoNickel are expertly positioned to deliver metal alloys that exhibit strength and impressive resistance to corrosion and heat in the most extreme environments. The in-house metallurgical laboratory has long experience of working with customers to arrive at the very best solution for complex metal alloy component issues and can help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting the perfect metal alloy for your component or application.

To find out more, or for help choosing the right metal alloy for your application please don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our 9 European locations.


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