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Cobalt Alloys

If you’re looking for premium, high-quality Cobalt-Based Alloys, you are in the right place. NeoNickel supply of magnetic, corrosion-resistant Cobalt Alloys throughout Europe.

What Makes NeoNickel Cobalt Alloys?

Cobalt alloys are made by adding elements to produce a desired characteristic or physical property, e.g. corrosion-resistance. To make these alloys, common elements such as tungsten, chromium, nickel, carbon, iron and silicon are added.

Use Across Various Industries & Applications

Thanks to their excellent corrosion and heat resistant characteristics, cobalt-based alloys are used in a variety of applications such as paint pigments, cemented carbides and tools steels, high temperature applications such as furnace components and combustion chambers, liners and afterburners. We sell alloy to businesses operating in various industries, such as aerospace, industrial, marine and medical.

Benefits of Using NeoNickel Cobalt-Based Alloys

  • Good magnetic properties
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Tough wear resistance
  • High strength at elevated temperatures

Upholding Our Stellar Reputation By Providing You With Bespoke Solutions

Our reputation for developing high-quality Cobalt-Based Alloys is down to our commitment to making the most of the metal’s exclusive benefits. All our alloys are a result of our exhaustive research and development efforts. Many companies concentrate on alloys that offer every single property in one solution. You should be able to choose the most appropriate materials for your needs – because we want you to avoid any unnecessary problems.

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Above all, we are leading alloy providers. Browse our collection of alloys by selecting one from the menu above, download our specifications sheet and submit an enquiry to get the right alloy for your business.