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Using Titanium Alloys

Lightweight titanium alloys have a high tensile strength, toughness, extraordinary resistance to corrosion and an ability to withstand extreme temperatures. This allows them to offer an outstanding level of performance even when exposed to the harshest of working environments.

Some of the key benefits gained from their use are:

• Elevated strength to density ratios, plus high fatigue strength and fracture toughness in both air and chloride environments • Exceptional corrosion resistance to chlorides, sour and oxidising acidic media, and seawater • High intrinsic shock resistance and ballistic resistance-to-density ratio • High melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient, and low modulus of elasticity • Essentially nonmagnetic, nontoxic, and nonallergenic • Fully biocompatible, with a very short radioactive half-life and excellent cryogenic properties


These low density alloys are approximately half the weight of steel, copper or nickel alloys. This meets your need for a highly versatile alloy whilst proving friendly to your budgets by being an extremely cost efficient product. Coupled with its high strength, this allows you to manufacture much lighter and smaller components in both static and dynamic structures. Titanium alloys have proved to be a critical part of the aerospace, chemical, energy, and automobile production industries. Usually, alpha-phase titanium is stronger, but less ductile, than beta-phase.


Ti 6-2-4-2 – this near-alpha alloy is primarily used because of its superior strength and toughness and good creep resistance right up to 1000F – for more details click here

Ti 6Al-4V – the most widely-used alpha-beta alloy offering high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion. Typically used in the annealed condition at service temperatures through 750F – for more details click here

CP1 Grade 4 – the softest and most ductile, with high impact toughness, excellent corrosion resistance, and is usually chosen where ease of formability is required – for more details click here

CP3 Grade 2 – excellent welding properties and resistance to both oxidation and corrosion. Added to this are its good strength and superb cold forming properties – for more details click here


Here at NeoNickel, we have gained a reputation as both reliable and experienced advisors, and as titanium alloy suppliers of the outstanding quality needed to withstand the most demanding of environments. Please contact us now so that we can answer any questions and then help you choose the most effective alloy for any application you have in mind.

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