A commercially pure grade, Titanium Grade 4 is a material of choice for application where ease of formability is required.

Titanium Grade 4, also known as titanium CP1, is the strongest of all commercially pure titanium grades. It combines excellent corrosion resistance with good strength and toughness.

  • UNS Number: UNS R50700
  • Werkstoff Number: 3.7065
  • ASTM: B265, 348, 381

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  • Airframe components
  • Cryogenic vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • CPI equipment
  • Condenser tubing

About Titanium Grade 4

Also known as titanium CP1, Titanium Grade 4 is most commonly applied in the aerospace and chemical processing markets. It possesses outstanding corrosion resistance and ductility. Due to its excellent resistance to corrosion fatigue in seawater, Titanium Grade 4 is commonly used for marine components.

This alloy is also very resistant to many chemical environments including oxidising media, alkaline media, organic compounds and acids, aqueous salt solutions, and wet or dry hot gases. It also has sufficient corrosion resistance in liquid metals, nitric acid, mildly reducing acids, and wet chlorine or bromine gas.

Titanium Grade 4 has the highest strength of the CP grades, making it competitive with stainless steels for many corrosion resistant applications. Whilst the strength of Titanium Grade 4 is on a par with annealed stainless steels, it offers superior corrosion resistance and significantly lighter weight due to its low density.

Titanium Grade 4 is not subject to grain boundary embrittlement or sensitization at elevated temperatures.

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