Boilers in Power Generation

Boilers in Power Generation

Alloys used in power boiler applications are generally selected for their creep strength and hot corrosion resistance in elevated temperature environments.

Depending on the presence of chlorine and sulphur in the boilers, 253 MA®, Alloy 309, Alloy 310S, Alloy 321, RA330® and Alloy 601 are utilised.

  • 253 MA® and Alloy 309 are a popular choice for coal nozzles as well as other internal boiler parts such as tube supports, tube shields, and temperature probes.
  • Due to having twice the creep strength of Alloy 309/309S and Alloy 310S Stainless Steel, 253 MA® is preferred in many Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) power boilers for cyclones operating above 871°C and oxidation resistance up to 1093°C.
  • RA330® is commonly selected for soot blowers in power boilers which require oxidation resistance up to 1149°C and outstanding cyclic thermal fatigue resistance.

For more information about 253 MA®, Alloy 309/309S, Alloy 310S, Alloy 321, RA330®, Alloy 601 and our processing capabilities contact us now!

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