ZERON® 100 Suppliers

NeoNickel has been supplying a discerning market with a wide range of stainless steel grades. Our experience is backed up by a considerable expertise in all areas of metal testing, identifying and specification.

In our laboratories we test metals for pitting, corrosion, stressing and other potential failure risks. We not only supply the steel, but our expert metallurgists can advise on the particular type of stainless steel that is most suitable for your needs. In our laboratories we test metals for pitting, corrosion, stressing and other potential failure risks. For the most accurate tests we also provide sample coupons for insertion and testing in real world environments.


Our experience in metals testing and supply has given us a deep understanding of the stresses and strains that our stainless steel must undergo. This expertise has led to us advising clients on the use of stainless steel in the harshest environments. Clients involved in extreme process work and subsea operations have incredibly tough environments to deal with and in these instances we often recommend ZERON® 100 super duplex stainless steel.


ZERON® 100 super duplex stainless steel provides the answer when the toughest stainless steel is called for. This metal has been specifically developed for use in these extreme and aggressive situations and has been designed to offer outstanding characteristics in these environments. It offers excellent protection against both crevice corrosion and pitting when deployed in warm seawater and its stress corrosion characteristics are also exemplary. ZERON® 100 was designed from the outset for use in such environments. It was first developed for use in North Sea subsurface pumps and plants, which is one of the most hostile environments for metals on earth. In these tough operations it proved its worth, remaining intact where other metals corroded and failed. This excellent record has led to its adoption in other situations and industries that demand the toughest metals.


The anti corrosion properties of ZERON® 100 are so impressive that its anti corrosion performance is guaranteed, even in the extreme environment of subsurface work. In these conditions it has been shown to offer excellent protection against crevice corrosion. ZERON® 100 is also extremely resistant to cracking and stress corrosion. The metal is resistant to sulphuric acid across a wide range of applications and has outstanding characteristics in sour and chloride environments. These characteristics are complemented by a heightened resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue.

Our knowledge of ZERON® 100 is deep and together with excellent professional services this makes NeoNickel the ideal choice as your ZERON® 100 suppliers.

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