Technical Services

We have unique facilities for material analysis and testing, metallurgical evaluation and corrosion testing.

We offer the following as a service to our customers

Process & Application Review

Plant visits and consultancy

Lab Testing


Failure Analysis


Sampling & Data Gathering


Formal Reports

Which include material & processing recommendations


Cutting, hot mounting, grinding, polishing, chemical & electrolytic etching and engraving equipment used to complete metallographic preparations.

Heat Treatment Furnace

To complete laboratory based heat treating activities useful in research

Quality Assurance Services

Fully portable device for positive material identification by XRP technique. LECO analyser for completing hydrogen analysis in weld wire.


Optical microscopes and scanning electron microscopy with EDX analysis.

Corrosion Testing

Standard corrosion testing on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys according to internationally recognised standards e.g. ASTM (G48, G28, A262, etc), ISO or EFC.

Mechanical Testing

Macro/micro hardness using Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell devices.

Stress Corrosion Testing

Slow strain rate testing rig, 2L and 5L autoclave corrosion testing.

Proud members of the British Valve & Actuator AssociationProud members of the British Valve & Actuator Association