ZERON® 100 For The Marine Industry


**ZERON® 100 is a 25% chromium superduplex stainless steel used in the marine industry. Its high alloy content gives it extreme corrosion resistance in both natural and treated seawater and it repassivates readily after thermal upsets.**

Resistant to microbially influenced corrosion and offering fantastic erosion resistance ZERON® 100 offers impressive weight and cost savings compared to 90/10 Cu-Ni which was previously used throughout the same applications.

Suitable For A Range Of Uses

Easy to work with ZERON® 100 can and has been used for a wide range of products including vessels, pipes and pumps and is fully weldable by all arc-welding processes.

As a leading supplier of ZERON® 100 we are able to supply ZERON® 100 in a variety of forms including pipe, tubing, sheet, plate, bar, welding consumables, forgings, fasteners and wirelines.

For more information on ZERON® 100 for the marine industry or the processes we offer here at NeoNickel then feel free to contact us today.

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