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ZERON® 100 Chemical and Process Industries


Due to its high alloy content ZERON® 100 displays excellent corrosion resistance in seawater and brines and is therefore suitable for use in many chemical and processing industries.

Photo-2Performs Well In Numerous Environments

Containing high levels of copper and tungsten the alloy has excellent resistance to inorganic and organic acids whilst performing well in both oxidizing and slightly reducing environments.

Fully Weldable

With high levels of erosion resistance and high resistance to stress corrosion cracking by chlorides, caustic solutions and sulfides ZERON® 100 is fully weldable by all arc welding processes.

Photo-3Available In a Range Of Forms

Used regularly in vessels and pipes ZERON® 100 can be used as a substitute for costly nickel alloys in various applications.

ZERON® 100 is available in numerous formats including pipe and tubing, fittings, flanges, sheet, plate, bar, welding consumables, forgings, fasteners and wirelines. For more information on purchasing ZERON® 100 or advice on the products we supply then feel free to contact us today!