602 CA® Vacuum Brazing


**RA 602 CA® alloy serpentine alloy trays are used for copper brazing stainless steel heat exchangers. Measuring 36” x 48” and 36” x 72” each tray holds between 600 and 630 lb loads during each cycle to 1118.3 °C.** ![ra602cabrazingBG]( The alloy, which is available here at NeoNickel, has been used as an upgrade to 600 in a number of vacuum furnace applications. Ideally suited for use in vacuum furnace brazing, RA 602 CA® provides more than three times the strength of alloy 600.

Improved Cycle Times

Highly resistant to grain growth, RA 602 CA® is suitable for straightening and repair welds. With a lower density than 600 and molybdenum RA 602 CA® requires less energy to bring the fixture up to heat, improving cycle times and efficiency.

Available in plate, sheet and welding consumables RA 602 CA® is a high quality 62Ni-25Cr-2.2Al-Y-Zr-Ti alloy. So if you’d like more information or to buy this alloy then feel free to get in touch with us.


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