602 CA® Chosen for Calciner Shell Processing


**In 2001 RA 602 CA® was selected for a replacement Calciner following months of extensive coupon testing. During the process a number of alloys were tested including RA 602 CA®, RA601, HR-120™, Haynes 556™ and HR-160.**

During production it was advised that the RA 602 CA® was fabricated using similar techniques to other heat resistant nickel alloys. The process involved a ½” plate rolled into a 25” O.D cylinder in lengths up to 60”. 6225Al electrodes were used to create longitudinal and circumferential weld seams. Depending on the thickness of each plate, a variety of weld designs were used including fillet, butt and corner welds. No matter what joint design or thickness of the plates involved, all welds were completed without encountering any major problems.

Drilling and turning of the RA 602 CA® base metal and welds were also necessary to complete the fabrication.

Best Heat Resistant Metal On The Market

ra602csContaining high chromium and aluminium contents, RA 602 CA® provides the best combination of high temperature properties of any heat resistant alloy currently on the market. Its high levels of chromium plus aluminum and yttrium additions make it oxidation resistant. Whilst excellent creep rupture properties and minimum growth during operation at high temperatures is achieved with high carbon content combined with titanium and zirconium additions.

RA 602 CA® is available in a variety of forms including plate, sheet and round bar from here at NeoNickel. So for more information on RA 602 CA® or if you’d like to purchase the alloy then feel free to get in touch with us now.


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