Alloy 22 for Nutsche Pressure Filters

Bespoke Nutsche Pressure Filters are a key part of the manufacturing process in multipurpose pharmaceutical plants used in the Pharmaceutical and Bio Synthetic industry globally. NeoNickel has supplied Alloy 22 water-jet cut pieces, full plates, discs, clamp rings, bars for agitators, girth flanges, pipe and fittings to the major Nutsche Pressure Filter manufacturers throughout Europe.

Nutsche Pressure Filters combined with glove boxes, containment vessels and in-line solvent recovery plants ensure that the manufacturing processes for both biologically activated products and long-chain organic pharmaceutical products are contained within the process system. This eliminates the cost in maintaining sterile manufacturing facilities. The advent of alloy 22 multipurpose Nutsche pressure filters has dramatically reduced the health and safety risks within the pharmaceutical manufacturing process whilst improving product yields, enhancing product purity and significantly reducing down time and maintenance costs.

Alloy 22 provides good resistance to oxidizing conditions

Alloy 22 is a fully austenitic, nickel-chromium-molybdenum-tungsten alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. The high chromium content provides good resistance to oxidizing conditions while the molybdenum and tungsten give good resistance to reducing media. This alloy provides exceptional resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking as well as general corrosion. NeoNickel offer a competitive package of alloy 22 pipes, pipe fittings & flanges with fast response and delivery.

Corrosion rates in mixed acid media with chlorides & fluorides Uniform corrosion mils/year
Corrosive mediaTemperatureC22C276C4625
6%HF + 5% HNO360°C6720720473
1%HF + 5% HNO3Boiling point0.58111
25%H2SO4 + 5% HNO3 + 4%NaClBoiling point126497713
23%H2SO4 + 1.2%HCl + 1% FeCl3 + 1%CuCl3Boiling point75522943847

Alloy 22 is widely used in the construction of process equipment in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, biosynthetic and agrichemical markets. This is because alloy 22 has outstanding corrosion resistance in a wide variety of chemicals including oxidizing acid chlorides, wet chlorine, formic acids, acetic acids, ferric chlorides, cupric chlorides, sea water, brine and other mixed or contaminated chemical solutions (both organic and inorganic). Moreover, alloy 22 resists the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld heat affected zone, making the alloy suitable for most chemical process applications in the ‘as-welded’ condition.

Alloy 22 has been selected as the alloy of choice in the pharmaceutical market for multi-purpose process equipment over conventional materials based on the following:

  • Design of multi-purpose plants to service the manufacture of multiple products rather than a single process plant dedicated to the manufacture one product.
  • Reduced contamination of the end product resulting from leaching of metallic products from less corrosion resistant materials.
  • Design of thinner wall vessels leading to improved thermal transfer and higher production yields.
  • Reduced down time and elimination of expensive repairs to glass lined or fluoroshield lined vessels with Tantalum patches.
  • Used in the manufacture of both chlorinated and fluorinated products where fluorine will attack conventional glass or glass lined equipment.

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