AL-6XN® Fractional Distillation Columns

AL - 6XN Used in fractional distillational columns.

**AL-6XN® was used to create two fractional-distillation columns measuring approximately 14ft in diameter and 60ft tall at a leading forest production company. The columns are used for separating tall oil, a by-product formed in the papermaking process.**

Packing, heat exchangers, reboiler, piping, vapour lines and pumps were also manufactured using AL-6XN® alloy.

The two columns, which have been corrosion free since installation, were constructed using both packing and trays. DOWTHERM is the main source of heating, creating adequate steam, which is recovered by the exchangers.

Helping to Increase Production

Previously, a tower made of 316L Stainless Steel was used and after three years clear corrosion was found. The tower had to be taken out of service every 6 months for almost 2 weeks at a time for routine repairs, but following the use of AL-6XN® two extra weeks of production have been gained each year following decreased maintenance and repairs required. Increased Yield, improved quality and a reduction in pollution are other benefits.

Here at NeoNickel we supply AL-6XN® alloy in all popular forms including pipe, fittings, flanges, plate, sheet and bar. So if you’d like to buy this brilliant alloy or require more information feel free to contact us.


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