602 CA® Radiant Tubes Euclid


**RA 602 CA® has been used to fabricate three-legged radiant tubes for use in one of Euclid Heat Treating Co’s carburizing furnaces.** ![ra602rteBG]( The furnace is predominantly used for carburizing at temperatures of 954.44°C with carbon potentials between 0.9 to 1.4%.

Established in 1945 Euclid Heat Treating Co is the most diverse commercial heat-treating company in northeastern Ohio. Regular investment in new equipment and technologies allows them to offer an entire building dedicated to induction hardening, pit furnaces, VFS 10 bar furnace and much more.

Euclid Heat Treating Co opted to use RA 602 CA® following the short life span of other alloys. 601 lasted for just two years whilst 3/8” cast HX tubes lasted for four. The current RA 602 CA® tubes have surpassed all expectations and have recently been installed in a second furnace.

The furnace is rarely cooled to room temperature, instead it is idled at 815.56°C during down time. However, during a scheduled shutdown, the tubes were closely examined and there were no signs of advanced stage creep. The only real damage evident was sag on the bottom of the top leg.

Indicating high levels of performance there is no sign of blackening or greening of the tubes, which is typically found at the end of the tube’s life.

High Levels of Oxidation And Carburization Resistance

RA 602 CA® has high levels of oxidation and carburization resistance thanks to its chemistry. Added aluminium results in an alumina subscale and the addition of yttrium prevents carbon from being absorbed into the metal.

Here at NeoNickel we stock RA 602 CA® in plate, sheet and round bar form. For more information on RA 602 CA® alloy or any other products we stock then feel free to get in touch.


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