AL-6XN® Used for Seawater Heated Liquefied Natural Gas Vaporizers

AL - 6XN used to vapourise natural gas

**A leading power company selected AL-6XN® alloy for twelve shipboard shell and tube heat exchangers. Used to vapourise liquefied natural gas the heat exchangers were fabricated for use on Floating Storage and Regasification Unit Tanker Ships.**

Measuring 40ft tall and 44 inches in diameter seawater flows on the shell of each vaporizer, heating up the liquefied natural gas helping to transform it into a vapour form. Liquefied natural gas enters the vapouriser at less than -156.67 °C and exits at around 4.44°C.

Manufactured specifically for seawater AL-6XN® has a nominal composition of 24% nickel, 20.5% chromium, 6.2% molybdenum and 0.22% nitrogen and offers fantastic corrosion resistance in chloride environments. Like its predecessor AL-6X, AL-6XN® displays long term corrosion resistance. Over the years more than 30 million ft of AL-6XN® have been used in condenser services.

AL-6XN® has been successfully used in desalination plants and offshore drilling platforms for more than 2 decades.

Excellent Toughness

Like all other austenitic stainless steels AL-6XN® retains its strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures.


Like other stainless steels and nickel based alloys AL-6XN® is easy to fabricate using a number of common processing techniques, another reason why it was selected for this application ahead of titanium.

A staggering 450,000 ft. of AL-6XN® tubing was used to construct the twelve vaporizers.

Here at NeoNickel we supply AL-6XN® alloy in all popular forms including pipe, fittings, flanges, plate, sheet and bar. So if you’d like to buy this brilliant alloy or require more information feel free to contact us.


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