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Thrust reversers in aerospace turbine engine applications


Alloy 625 sheet is increasingly being used in jet engine assisted braking components. Aircrafts take off from departure locations all over the world based on simply lift and acceleration using the great laws of aerodynamics powered by the jet engines. After a voyage, these aircrafts are expected to decelerate and land at destinations, which they do usually by assisted landing. Assisted landing is achieved by deploying an important part made out of alloy 625 sheet known as thrust reversers. Thrust reversers are part of an aerospace jet engine which helps to decelerate the aircraft just after a touch down, thus reducing the wear and tear on the brakes, enabling shorter landing distances on the runway. NeoNickel alloy 625 is a robust and versatile grade with material properties such as high temperature creep-rupture strength, high temperature corrosion resistance, ductility, toughness and malleability.

NeoNickel alloy 625 is readily available in most product forms- sheet, plate and bar. NeoNickel works with many original equipment manufacturers, supporting manufacture and production with value added cutting service.

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