PharmaSafe® Valves or High Containment Pharmaceutical Transfer Valves

Protecting people, the environment and products from contamination during the manufacturing process requires a high level of containment and safe handling of highly potent, active Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI) in highly corrosive media.

Graphic Photos of Pharmasafe Pro valve provided courtesy of ChargePoint Technology LtdChargePoint Technology’s Split Butterfly Valves (SBV)* are an example of a high containment solution designed to assure safe handling of APAPI, biologically active products and process formulations. They provide a safe way of transferring a product from one process vessel to another whilst minimising the level of dust emission within the operating environment during and after the material transfer.

Alloy 22 is an alloy of choice for the valve’s production, as they need to meet the following demanding requirements in their applications:

  • Compliance to strict industry regulations.
  • High corrosion resistance for multi‐purpose plants with the ability to operate in a wide range of media including highly oxidising environments with high levels of chlorides present.
  • Minimising contamination and discolouration of the end product, from corrosive material.
  • Maximising product quality whilst protecting the plant operators and environment from containment failures.
  • High strength, allowing optimum design of containment transfer valves and extraction systems.
  • Ability to polish the surface of the material to meet the high demand for process equipment operating in aseptic and sterile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) conditions.
  • Providing dust control when transferring a bulk powder in the manufacture of speciality chemicals and fine chemicals.

*ChargePoint PharmaSafe® is a registered trade name of ChargePoint Technology Ltd

Proud members of the British Valve & Actuator AssociationProud members of the British Valve & Actuator Association