Low Thermal Expansion Tooling – Alloy 36

Alloy 36 for Low Thermal Expansion Tooling

Invariability is a physical property that is attractive to some engineering applications.

This simply means that a material exhibits ‘dimensional stability’ or ‘near zero changes in dimensions’ over a temperature range.

Fe-Ni alloys, especially workhorse grade Alloy 36 falls into the class of alloy that give this physical property. One of its greatest uses is in the tooling application for the manufacturing of parts for way assemblies, lay up tools, tooling and dies, etc. for composite forming of aerospace components.

  • Alloy 36 us readily weldable and has low coefficient of thermal expansion from -200°C up to 260°C
  • Alloy 36 has very good strength and toughness in cryogenic applications.

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