Combuster liners in jet engines

Combuster liners in jet engines

Combustion chambers have been a concern in gas turbine and jet engine applications as they are required to withstand extremely high pressure and temperature.

In jet engines, the combustion chambers are high compression systems where high pressure air and fuel are mixed and burned at a constant pressure. The combustion process is quite crucial and it directly affects the operational efficiency of the jet engine system. The chamber is lined with the combustor liner, which is subjected to extremely rapid temperature rise and drop after loss of pressure. The liner is made from NeoNickel alloy X and its design is perforated to allow for inflow of air to cool the gases at the liner outlet.

Combustor liners operate in high temperature, high stressCombustor liners operate in high temperature, high stress, and high pressure conditions which must withstand high rates of burning with little or no pressure drop. They must be light weight and must not bulge in operation. Thermal fatigue resistance properties are very important because of the rapid heating up following combustion and cooling down upon air flow. For these reasons, high strength and high temperature resistant material like alloy X is typically been utilised in sheet form to make this part.

NeoNickel alloy X is a robust and versatile grade with excellent properties that tick all the boxes such as high temperature creep-rupture strength, high temperature corrosion resistance, ductility, toughness and malleability.

NeoNickel alloy X is readily available in most product forms- sheet, plate, and bar. NeoNickel works with many original equipment manufacturers, supporting manufacture and production with value added cutting service.

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