Stainless Steel Suppliers

As leading stainless steel suppliers NeoNickel has been serving the most demanding customers in the alloy market. Our experience and advice is valued by clients around the world and our metallurgists are always on hand to help clients select the most appropriate grade of stainless steel or alloy for their needs.

From our state of the art laboratories we back up our sales with a host of professional services for every eventuality. From these laboratories we have built up an enviable level of expertise in testing, identifying and specifying materials. Our service extends to the provision of testing coupons in various thicknesses to allow for live process and environmental testing of metals.


All of this expertise is yours to leverage when you choose NeoNickel as your partner for stainless steel supply.

Stainless steel is a fascinating and versatile material. Its name comes from its early development for use in the cutlery industry, where being bright, clean and ‘stainless’ was a distinct advantage. These properties were instantly recognised to be useful elsewhere and the term ‘stainless steel’ was applied to various grades of steel with excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance properties. These steels are now used across the world in host of industries.

In addition to corrosion and oxidation resistance, stainless steel has other valuable properties.

  • It is a strong metal and that strength remains even at high temperatures, making it a good choice in extreme process environments.
  • It also has a clean and pleasing aesthetic appearance, which has made it a favourite with designers. This has led to the metal being used as an exposed and even feature material in both commercial and domestic designs.
  • Stainless steel is also relatively easy to machine and weld, making it a good choice in the fabrication industry.
  • The metal is also resistant to shock and fatigue and is proven to be extremely durable.


At NeoNickel, we offer a full range of stainless steel grades, including:

As a leading supplier, we also stock specialist stainless steel grades, such as UNS S32760 and ZERON® 100 super duplex stainless steels, which are widely used in the harshest subsea environments.

Whatever your requirement, NeoNickel is well placed to meet your needs. With our extensive service portfolio and industry leading expertise, we are a natural choice in the sector.

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