Ally 602 from NeoNickel is one of the most popular of the speciality metals that we have supplied to customers in a wide variety of industries for many years for one good reason…it is the most oxidation resistant and high strength Nickel alloy available.

Superior Features

This is down to its unique composition, which has high chromium content as well as additions of aluminium and yttrium, which allow the alloy to develop a tightly adhering oxide scale.

The main features of RA602 are as follows:

  • Outstanding resistance to cyclic oxidation through 2250°F (1232°C)
  • Excellent high temperature creep strength
  • Resistant to carburizing and nitriding environments
  • Highly resistant to grain growth in service
  • Superior behaviour in oxidising/chloridising environments
  • Good resistance to metal dusting

High Creep Rupture Strength

In addition to the remarkable oxidation resistance it displays, RA602 also has a high creep rupture strength, providing up to 150% of the strength of other Nickel Alloys currently available, (such as alloy 600). It is widely known that exposure to carbon rich gases can cause carburization; however due to its high nickel content RA602 shows a highly effective resistance to carburization, ensuring prolonged ductility in the face of carbon monoxide, (CO) and methane, (CH4).

The Finest in Specialty Metals

As has been shown time and again RA602 maintains its high performance under intense pressures and extreme temperatures and as a result has become a mainstay in thermal processing equipment, where minimal product contamination is necessary. At NeoNickel we pride ourselves in providing only the finest speciality metals and the RA602 certainly sits comfortably in that bracket.

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