Display great strength and high resistance to heat

NeoNickel supplies high quality Welding Consumables.

We supply Welding Consumables in various forms including: coated electrodes, MIG & TIG wire.

For the gas turbine industry, we supply single flag-tagged, double flag-tagged, layer wound spool or colour coded products.

For critical welding procedures, we offer products which are available in E-Grade quality.

If you’re not sure which consumables to use, why not try our weld wire wizard?


Cobalt alloys (2)
Nickel alloys (14)
Duplex stainless steels (2)
Super duplex stainless steels (2)
Stainless steels (2)
Titanium alloys (1)

Processing capabilities

As a highly respected European supplier of Welding Consumables we’re certain we’ll fulfill your brief, no matter what your requirements. From one off creations to a series of mass produced components, we’ve the capabilities to meet your demands at our state of the art facilities across Europe.

Quality control

Products are quality checked to ensure conformance with industry standards and customer specifications.

Proud members of the British Valve & Actuator AssociationProud members of the British Valve & Actuator Association