• Pipe Fittings


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Pipe Fittings – from stub ends, equal tees, reducers and more…

NeoNickel supplies high quality pipe fittings to many industries.


Types of Pipe Fittings

  • Stub Ends
  • Short Radius Elbow (45°, 90° and 180°)
  • Long Radius Elbow (45°, 90° and 180°)
  • Equal Tees
  • Reducing Tees
  • Concentric Reducers & Eccentric Reducers
  • Caps
  • Weldolets®
  • Pipe Nipples

Pipe Fittings for use in the most extreme environments

The characteristics of high resistance to thermal oxidation, corrosion resistance and high strength in our Pipe Fittings meets requirements for use in numerous applications within Chemical Processing, Thermal Processing, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical & Bio Synthetic and Petrochemical and Refineries.

Weldolets® is a registered trademark of Bonney Forge.


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