Prodec 316/316L

Used primarily in the construction of chemical processing equipment and in the food/beverage industries Prodec 316/316L is the much improved big brother of the standard 316L metal from NeoNickel.

Superior Machinability

This is an alloy that takes all that was good about the 316L and improves upon it at every turn, amazing all who use it with its superior machinability and outstanding uniformity, leading to superior parts, longer tool life and therefore reducing costs.

Enhanced Resistance to Corrosion

As you would expect from a superior alloy Prodec 316/316L offers enhanced resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in environments where chlorides and other halides are present. It can be welded by a full range of conventional welding procedures, (with the exception of oxyacetylene) although it should be noted that even though it is non-magnetic in the annealed condition, it can become slightly magnetic as a result of welding.

Extend the Life of Your Tools

Prodec 316/316L has commonly been dual certified as ‘Prodec 316L’ and ‘Prodec 316’. This is because it meets both the lower carbon limit of 316L and the higher strength of the 316. Overall this is a material that provides the ultimate in machinability and uniformity, proving invaluable for businesses looking to extend the life of their tools and therefore helping to reduce their overall costs.

NeoNickel is constantly looking to provide customers with cutting edge, speciality metals that make the job of work easier and result in more productive and efficient enterprises. The Prodec 316/316L allows us to do exactly that.

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