Prodec 304 304L

As part of our mission to provide our customers with the very best parts at the lowest possible cost, NeoNickel presents the Prodec 304 304L; which is an alloy that takes the standard 304 304L stainless steel to new levels.

Highly Versatile

It is a highly versatile stainless steel that displays a very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and is non-magnetic in the annealed condition; although as a result of cold working or welding it may become slightly magnetic.

This is a material that has been processed specifically with improved machinability and outstanding uniformity in mind. These factors ensure that it can offer much faster machining speeds whilst extending the life of machine tools, and as a result is a more economically viable option than other alloys that perform the same functions.

Increase Productivity

As a result of its outstanding machinability the use of Prodec 304 304L ensures increases in total productivity without hindering the quality of the parts themselves; in fact as well as higher yields, the resulting parts are of a higher standard! This has led to Prodec 304/304L becoming immensely popular in areas where the demand for high volume, high quality parts, is essential, such as the food/beverage and chemical processing industries.

Such is the current economic climate, industries today are constantly searching for a product that retains strength, increases efficiency and offers outstanding value for money. Prodec 304/304L does exactly that, as it has the same strength and corrosion resistance you would typically expect in the general Prodec 304/304L range of stainless steels with the added benefit of increasing productivity and extending tool life.

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