Square Grid
Bar Sawing

Bar Sawing

NeoNickel produces high quality, high tolerance square-cut bars, compliant to customer specifications. All cut pieces are deburred, marked and fully traceable.

NeoNickel processes alloy steels, cobalt alloys, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, stainless steels and titanium alloys.

Our Bar Sawing Capabilities

Machine modelMax. DiameterTolerance*
BEHRINGER HBP 313 A310 mm + 2.0 mm/– Nil
BEHRINGER HBP 360A (X4)360 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
BEHRINGER HBM 440A440 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
BEHRINGER HBM 440PCE440 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
BEHRINGER HBP 530A530 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
BEHRINGER HBP 430A430 mm+ 3.0 mm/- Nil
DANOBAT 420420 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
DANOBAT 520520 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
Do-All C3300102 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
KLAEGER GAZELLE 250260 mm+ 3.0 mm/- Nil
KASTO SSB A2 260 mm + 0.6 mm/– Nil
KASTO TWIN A2260 mm+ 3.0 mm/-Nil
MANUAL KAST CUT E2240 mm+ 1.2 mm/– Nil
FORTE CNC 241260 mm+ 3.0 mm/– Nil
*Tolerance varies with product thickness

To learn more about any of our Bar Sawing capabilties and machines contact us and we’ll be happy to help!