Conversion Services

NeoNickel can provide you with non-standard products according to your specification.

We can provide you with:


If you need a high-integrity seamless pipe or hollow section, we can bore round bar which we have in our inventory.


To achieve a more accurate dimensional tolerances or surface finish according to your specification.


We can supply you with flat bar forged or sawn from our round bar inventory.


We offer bespoke forged products such as forged rings, billets, blocks, valves, flanges and many more. Please contact us for more information.


We can supply you with precipitation hardened / age hardened material. This can be heat treated from material we have in our inventory which is in the Annealed condition. i.e. Heat treating 718 AMS 5662 to AMS 5663 or 13-8/15-5/17-4 solution annealed to various conditions.


Expanded metal in RA330® offers an exceptional combination of strength and resistance to carburisation, oxidation and thermal shock. Our expanded metal products meet requirements for use in numerous applications within the thermal processing industry. No fretting strands or strained joins or welds, this makes expanded mesh ideal for forming and beneficial to further processing such as pressing and shearing. The strength of mesh makes it valuable for use in multiple components.

Other alloys can be offered in expanded metal as non-standard items. Our RA330® expanded metals are available in raised or flattened form. (Raised expanded metal has angled strands inclining from the plane of the sheet. Flattened expanded metal is pressure rolled resulting in strands which are in the same plane as the sheet.)

All our products are fully marked and traceable. Our experienced sales team and in-house metallurgists are ready to help you.

Contact us now to discuss about your requirements!

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