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NeoNickel – Nickel Alloy Suppliers UK & Europe – We are the European leaders in providing high performance specialty alloys to a diverse range of industries.

Nickel has played a huge part in making our society what it is today. From the gas turbines used in aircraft through medical applications to nuclear power systems nickel, in both its elemental and alloyed forms, has made significant contributions to the way we live – and the signs are it will continue to do so as we approach the demands of the future.

The reason it’s a vital material for a huge swathe of industries is simple: nickel is not only highly versatile and able to be alloyed with virtually all other metals, but also it has remarkable corrosion and heat resistance capabilities. NeoNickel, which is an exclusive distributor for rolled alloys and corrosion materials in the UK and Europe, has a catalogue of products that amply demonstrate nickel’s notable array of applications. As a result, NeoNickel supplies businesses in a huge range of sectors. As one of the world’s most trustworthy suppliers of speciality metals NeoNickel makes sure all the nickel alloys it supplies demonstrate the durability, reliability and strength to cope with even the worst environmental conditions.

NeoNickel has the stock, expertise and ability to supply materials for whatever function you require.

If the alloy you need must have outstanding resistance to corrosion because it’s to be used in seawater or a reducing chemical environment then NeoNickel can help. When the task you are tackling involves extreme cold or hot temperatures and the nickel alloy you need has to remain steadfast then NeoNickel has the product for you. You may simply want a material that can be easily welded – even when it’s in a hardened condition. NeoNickel will ensure you are supplied with the very best alloy for whatever the project.

The NeoNickel catalogue includes some alloys that can be relied on in even the harshest of environments. RA330®, for example, has a reputation as the workhorse of the heat resistant, austenitic alloys. Its strength is immense but the RA330® can also resist oxidation and carburization in temperatures as high as 2100F (1148.89C). A very popular alloy in the NeoNickel range is known as Alloy 86. This was developed so it offers good weldability and ductility, along with good cyclic oxidation resistance at 1922F (1050C) and high creep strength. This is highly sought after for use in afterburner parts, heat treatment furnace equipment, and gas turbine combustion chambers.

If you’re looking for Nickel Alloy Suppliers UK then we can help. Browse our range of nickel alloys now.

With an inventory that includes over 60 grades of nickel, duplex, titanium, stainless, cobalt, alloy steels and super alloys in plate, sheet bar, pipe and fittings we are well placed to provide customers with metal alloys that display strength and high resistance to heat/corrosion in even the most extreme environments.

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