High Performance Chemical Processing Alloys

NeoNickel is well known for supplying and manufacturing a range of alloys that display strength, durability and reliability, all qualities needed in the harsh environments in and around the chemical processing industry.

The qualities displayed in our products has enabled us to become a European supplier of high performance chemical processing alloys, with our inventory, which includes a wide range of stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, corrosion resistant alloys and our proprietary alloy ZERON® 100 – all proving to be a huge success in this most demanding of environments.

High Performance Levels

We are well aware of the performance levels required for any materials used in the chemical processing industry and as such have undertaken the necessary steps to ensure that our materials are perfectly suited to your specific needs. These include employing highly skilled engineers, putting their skills to work in our metallurgical lab testing all our materials, providing performance analysis, electronic test reports and detailed technical investigations. Once the tests are done, all the data is analysed and we can then find out the alloy that perfectly matches your requirements.

Chemical Processing Alloys Suitable for a Variety of Applications

It is this level of detail that enables us to provide the highest quality alloys that continue to work at their optimum levels even in the harshest of environments. Our products have become a major part of the chemical processing industry and have been used in a wide variety of applications; such as heat exchangers on oil rigs, fractional distillation columns, distillation trays and storage tanks; where the ability to retain structural integrity in the face of extreme temperatures, outstanding resistance to corrosion and oxidisation and overall strength has proved to be hugely beneficial.

NeoNickel has over 30 years experience providing high quality specialised alloys to a wide variety of industries. We know that we have the products, experience and the knowledge to provide all our customers with a complete service that is unrivalled amongst our competitors and can help you get the edge on yours.

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