Inconel® 600

NeoNickel is one of Europes leading suppliers of speciality metals to a diverse range of industries. One such metal is the Inconel® 600, a nickel based alloy whose outstanding carburization and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures makes it perfect for use in the heat treating industry.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

Inconel® 600 displays useful resistance to dry CI2 and HCI gasses at reasonably elevated temperatures, giving it a wide range of applications such as vacuum furnace fixtures, chlorination equipment, (to 1000 degrees F) and in Titanium Dioxide plants.

The strengths of Inconel® 600 are many in number, such as its virtual immunity to Chloride Ion stress corrosion cracking, superb caustic corrosion resistance; resistance to dry CI2 to around 1000 degrees F, oxidation resistance to 2000 degrees F and its high carburization resistance. However, due to the high nickel content in its composition it is not recommended that Inconel 600 be used at red heat temperatures whenever sulphur is present.

It has also been found that the Inconel® 600 alloy can fall victim to stress corrosion cracking in hot, concentrated caustic alkalis; however this can be avoided if the 600 alloy fabrication is fully stress relieved before use. To do this, it is suggested that the minimum treatment should be undertaken at a temperature of 1650 degrees F for 1 hour. At NeoNickels however, we are nothing if not rigorous in our pursuit of perfection so our advice would be to treat it at a temperature of 1800-1850 degrees F for 1 hour to obtain the very best from the alloy.

We have for many years prided ourselves in supplying and manufacturing the most reliable, durable and cost-effective alloys on the market; ensuring that our customers have the metal that perfectly meets their demands.

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