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602 CA® AOD Chute


The alloy RA 602 CA® was used to construct the Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Chute at a steel mill after it was proven to last longer than other alloys such as Haynes 230, RA309® and RA 353 MA®.

Used when adding alloying elements to 400 series stainless steels being melted in an AOD vessel, the chute lies close to the molten metal which can reach temperatures as high as 1510°C.

Weighing over 250 pounds and with dimensions of two feet in width, three feet in length and one foot in height the AOD chutes are constructed from ½ inch plate.

Ra 602 CA® Offers The Greatest Life Span

Originally 309 stainless was used for a number of years, but its short life span led the mill to research different alloys which would last longer.  Haynes 230, RA309® and RA 353 MA® were all tested before RA 602 CA® proved to offer the greatest life span.

After examining a RA 602 CA® chute that had been used continuously for 16 weeks, small cracks and slight distortion were the only reason for removal. Whereas a Haynes 230 alloy AOD chute that had been in service for just 12 weeks had a number of cracks along the entire wall and a large section of the chute had broken off during service making it completely unusable.  Similar results were common amongst other alloys including RA 353 MA® and RA309® AOD chutes.

Possessing a large inventory of alloys we stock RA 602 CA® in a variety of formats including plate, sheet and round bar. Therefore if you’d like to purchase any of our products or require further information on RA 602 CA® then feel free to get in touch with us now!