Technical Papers

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(English) Applications and experiences with super duplex stainless steel in wet FGD scrubber systems

(English) Paper 479, Corrosion, San Diego, CA, USA. March 1998, NACE.

(English) Experiences with ZERON 100 super duplex stainless steel in the process Industries

(English) Paper No. 99007, Stainless Steel World Conference , The Hague, Netherlands, October 1999.

(English) Coupling of super duplex stainless steel and cast nickel-aluminium bronze in sea water

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(English) Developments in the use of stainless steels for pumps and valves

(English) I MECH E conference “Advanced Materials for Fluid Machinery”, Feb, 2004, London.

(English) Experiences with super duplex stainless steel in seawater

(English) Stainless Steel World, Vol. 16, June 2004, KCI, page 53

(English) A comparison of the corrosion resistance of cast and wrought super duplex stainless steel

(English) 58th T&O Conference of the Steel Founders Society of America, Chicago, 2004

(English) Area of use for ZERON 100 SDSS wireline

(English) Presented at Eurocorr 2006, Maastricht, Netherlands, EFC

(English) Gasket selection for stainless steels in seawater

(English) Materials Performance, 46, 10 2007

(English) The performance of stainless steels in concentrated sulphuric acid

(English) Stainless Steel World, Vol 22, page 53, January 2009.

(English) Deleterious phases from the Induction bending of thick walled super duplex pipework

(English) International Journal of Materials Research, Vol 101, April 2010, page 1.

(English) Thick section castings in 25 Cr 5 Ni 2 Mo DSS

(English) Materials of Construction of Fluid Machinery and their influence of design and performance, ASME FE‑IC, P 1, November 1981.

(English) Structure property relationships in a 25Cr‑7Ni‑2Mo duplex stainless steel casting alloy

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(English) Materials for sea water and produced water service environments

(English) Third Petroleum Congress of Brazil (Oil and Gas towards the new frontiers) Rio De Janeiro, October 1986.

(English) Developments in the use of high alloy stainless steels for offshore firewater systems

(English) International Conference on Fire Engineering in Petrochemical and Offshore Applications; British Hydraulics Research Association 1987.

(English) In a class of its own: Developments in the use of stainless steels for offshore pipework systems

(English) Stainless Steel '87 Conference, York, 1987, Institute of Metals.

(English) Material development to meet today's demands

(English) Inspection Repair and Maintenance Conference, Aberdeen 1988. Published in: Anti-Corrosion 36, 2 (1989), p4.

(English) Welding super duplex stainless steel

(English) NITO conference, Amsterdam, February 1989.

(English) Duplex and super duplex stainless steel: State of the art and future developments

(English) UK Corrosion '91, Manchester October 1991, Published by I Corr.

(English) The corrosion of duplex stainless steels in sour service

(English) Sour Service ‑ Problems and Solutions, Aberdeen Nov 1991, TWI.