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As a leading supplier of supplier of high performance precision engineered materials, NeoNickel has been involved in the manufacturing and supply of nickel and titanium alloy components – precision engineered products of the highest quality for clients involved with automotion, aerospace and other industries.

We supply to a whole host of businesses, and our manufacturing facilities are some of the most sophisticated in the world. Our product inventory is always stocked for any situation, and this enables us to fulfil manufacturing requests with a minimal amount of notice. Many of our customers choose to buy ZERON® 100, and our expert sales team can advise customers about the best possible material for any given purpose.

ZERON® 100 is a type of super duplex stainless steel, and it provides a cost-effective solution for products that are manufactured for harsh environments. It resists stress corrosion cracking extremely well, and it is also extremely resistant to corrosion when resting in warm seawater. Superior pitting is another feature that makes this metal incredibly versatile, and it performs impeccably in situations where other metallic products can rust and crack. Its overall resistance qualities make this the material of choice for customers in a wide variety of industries.

While other alloys are susceptible to impact damage, customers that buy ZERON® 100 just notice a gradual decrease in its impact energy as temperatures reach a lower level – there is no true ductile brittle transition that leads to the inevitable cracking that occurs in other materials. Historically, this metal alloy was developed for usage in North Sea oil rigs, and these environments are some of the most demanding and harsh installations imaginable. The rapid corrosion seen in other alloys lead to the formation of ZERON® 100, and away from the high seas, it has been adopted for use by a number of other industry sectors.

When choosing to buy Zeron® 100 products from NeoNickel, customers are assured of both excellent manufacturing standards and a thorough understanding of their requirements. Our manufacturing facilities allow us to offer far more than simple production services, and we can even take care of a company’s entire supply chain.

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