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Titanium Grade 2

Commercially pure titanium, Titanium Grade 2, also known as titanium CP3, has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidising media.

Titanium Grade 2 possesses excellent welding properties combined with moderate strength and cold-forming properties.


Product formSize range fromSize range to
Titanium Grade 2 pipe0.5 in4 in
Titanium Grade 2 round bar10 mm450 mm
Titanium Grade 2 sheet & plate0.4 mm35 mm

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    Sheet & Plate

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    Round Bar

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Chemical Analysis



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Titanium Grade 2 can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Reaction vessels
  • Cryogenic vessels

About Titanium Grade 2

Also known as titanium CP3, Titanium Grade 2, has an alpha crystalline structure. The alloy is widely used because it combines excellent formability and moderate strength with outstanding corrosion resistance.

The density of Titanium Grade 2 is approximately 50% that of nickel alloys and stainless steels.

Titanium Grade 2 has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidising media, alkali media, organic acids and compounds, aqueous salt solutions and hot gases. The alloy has useful corrosion resistance in nitric acids, mild reducing acids and wet chlorine or bromine gas. In addition, Titanium Grade 2 has outstanding resistance in seawater applications.

This combination of features makes Titanium Grade 2 a candidate for a wide range of applications – from marine, oil & gas to chemical processing.

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UNS Number:
UNS R50400
Werkstoff Number:
3.7034, 3.7035
ASTM B265, 348, 383, 363, B337, B338
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