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Greek Ascoloy (Alloy 418)

A martensitic chromium-tungsten-nickel stainless grade, Greek Ascoloy (Alloy 418) is ideal for high-stress components up to 649⁰C.

Stainless Steel 418, also known as ‘Greek Ascoloy’ (UNS S41800) is engineered for use in high-stress components.


Product form Size range from Size range to
Greek Ascoloy round bar 6.35 mm 152.4 mm
Greek Ascoloy sheet & plate 0.74 mm 3.175 mm

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    Sheet & Plate

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    Round Bar

Chemical Analysis

% C Cr W Ni P S Si Mn Fe
Min 0.15 12.00 2.50 1.80 - - - - Balance
Max 0.20 14.00 3.50 2.20 0.04 0.03 0.50 0.50 -


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Perfect for applications in the Aerospace industry

Greek Ascoloy (Alloy 418) can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Compressor components
  • Steam and gas turbine blades
  • Steam turbine buckets
  • Elevated temperature bolts

About Greek Ascoloy (Alloy 418)

Stainless Steel 418, also known as ‘Greek Ascoloy’ (UNS 41800) is a heat resisting martensitic chromium-tungsten-nickel stainless steel. Greek Ascoloy is engineered for use in high-stress components up to 649 ⁰C.

Typical heat treatment at 980⁰C -1010⁰C, followed by air or oil quenching (depending on material thickness) and 2-hour tempering twice at minimum 620⁰C gives Greek Ascoloy (Alloy 418) a superior creep strength and resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and tempering as compared to the general properties of 12% chromium stainless steels.

Filler metal, UNS S41880, has extra molybdenum (0.50 max.), copper (0.50 max.) and tin (0.05 max.) for effective welding process.


7.86 g/cm³


UNS Number:
AMS 5616 , AMS 5508
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