Stainless steels

If you’re looking for premium, high-quality Stainless Steel Alloys, you are in the right place. NeoNickel supply of corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel Alloys throughout Europe.

Stainless steels (16)

AerMet® 100
Alloy type: Stainless Steels
Alloy 13-8
Products: Flat Bar, Round Bar
Alloy type: Stainless Steels
Alloy 410
Products: Sheet & Plate
Alloy type: Stainless Steels
Greek Ascoloy (Alloy 418)
Products: Sheet & Plate
Alloy type: Stainless Steels
UNS S31803/2205
Products: Coil, Sheet & Plate
Alloy type: Duplex Stainless Steels

What Makes NeoNickel Stainless Steel Alloys?

Stainless steel alloys are made by adding elements to produce a desired characteristic or physical property, e.g. corrosion-resistance. To make these alloys, common elements such as chromium, carbon, manganese and silicon are added.

Use Across Various Industries & Applications

Thanks to their excellent corrosion and heat resistant characteristics, steel alloys are used in a variety of applications such as jet engine components, high-temperature fasteners and springs, as well as non-magnetic cryogenic equipment. We sell alloy to businesses operating in various industries, such as aerospace industry, thermal processing industry and the oil and gas industry.

Benefits of Using NeoNickel Stainless Steel Alloys

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Durable
  • High and low-temperature resistant
  • Easy formability and fabrication
  • Low-maintenance & long-lasting
  • Recyclable

Providing You With Bespoke, Versatile Solutions

Stainless steel is incredibly versatile. We can make alterations to its precise composition to create a metal that is suitable for a specific job in a variety of situations. There are five basic types (austenitic, martensitic, duplex, ferritic and precipitation hardening), all with their own composition and properties and are created by adding different amounts of alloys such as chromium or nickel during the manufacturing.

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