A precipitation-hardenable nickel-iron-chromium grade, it demonstrates good strength and oxidation resistance up to 750°C.

With the addition of molybdenum, it has an exceptional combination of high temperature strength, creep resistance and ductility when welded.

  • Other: RRMS 33021/2 (MSRR 7952)

Product availability

Flat bar
Round Bar
Sheet & Plate

Chemical analysis



  • Gas turbine flame tubes
  • Nuclear reactor parts
  • Missile hot components
  • Super heater tubing
  • Aircraft ducting systems

About Alloy PE16

Alloy PE16 was developed for service in the temperature range of 500 – 750°C and combines the superior strength of the age hardening nickel base alloys with superb ease of fabrication. It also has excellent hot and cold working characteristics.

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