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Alloy 200/201

Commercially pure nickel (99.6%) with good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance

By controlling the carbon content, NeoNickel supplies dual certified Alloy 200/201 which meets the requirements of both alloys.


Product formSize range fromSize range to
Alloy 200/201 round bar9.5 mm190.5 mm
Alloy 200/201 sheet & plate3 mm38.1 mm
Alloy 200/201 pipe0.5 in6 in
Alloy 200/201 welding wire1.6 mm3.25 mm
Alloy 200/201 pipe fittings0.5 in6 in

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Chemical Analysis



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Perfect for applications in the Chemical Processing Industry

Alloy 200/201 can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Chemical Processing and Storage
  • Synthethic Fiber Production
  • Processes using caustic alkalines
  • Food Processing

About Alloy 200/201

Alloy 200/201 is extremely resistance to caustic alkalies up to and including the molten state. The extra-low carbon content of Alloy 200/201 gives virtual immunity to intergranular attack above about 315°C. The presence of chlorates must be kept to a minimum, as they accelerate the rate of attack.

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8.885 g/cm³
Young's modulus at 25.6°C:
2.05 x105 Mpa
Melting range:
Specific heat at 25.6°C:
456.4 J/(kg*K)
Thermal conductivity at 25.6°C:
724.7 kcal/(hr.m.°C)
Electrical Resistivity at 25.6 °C:
9.6 x10^-8 ‎Ωm


UNS Number:
N02200, N02201
Werkstoff Number:
2.4066, 2.4068
ASTM B160, B161, B162, B163, B564, B725, B730, B366, B751, B775, B829
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