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Alloy L605/25

A cobalt-chromium-nickel-tungsten superalloy, L605/25 is one of the strongest cobalt alloys.

L605/25 is highly resistant to scaling and oxidation at temperatures up to 982°C and exhibits excellent qualities under harsh oxidising conditions.


Product form Size range from Size range to
Alloy L605/25 round bar 5.2 mm 168.3 mm
Alloy L605/25 sheet & plate 0.25 mm 38.1 mm
Alloy L605/25 welding wire 0.8 mm 2.36 mm

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Chemical Analysis

% Cr Ni Co W C Fe Mn Si P S
Min 19 9 - 14 0.05 - 1 - -
Max 21 11 Balance 16 0.15 3 2 0.4 0.04 0.03


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Perfect for applications in the Aerospace industry

Alloy L605/25 can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Hot-section of gas turbine engines
  • Combustion chambers, liners and afterburners
  • High temperature ball bearings and bearing races
  • Springs
  • High temperature furnace components

About Alloy L605/25

Alloy L605/25 is most commonly used in the aerospace industry due to its strength and durability in high temperature environments. This alloy is also highly resistant to scaling and oxidation at temperatures up to 982°C, whilst exhibiting excellent qualities under harsh oxidising conditions. Alloy L605/25 can be used in high temperature oxidising environment up to 1093°C.

Alloy L605/25 has good suphidation resistance and resistance to wear and galling.

Alloy L605 can be welded using gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, shielded metal arc, electron beam and resistance welding. It’s important to use good joint fit-up, minimum restraint, low interpass temperature and cool rapidly when welding. For maximum ductility, fabricated components should be annealed 1176-1232°C and rapidly cooled.

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9.1344 g/cm³
Melting range:


UNS Number:
UNS R30605
Werkstoff Number:
AMS 5537, 5796
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