Alloys for Oil and Gas

Alloys for oil and gas are used to manufacture highly resistant components for machines drilling or transporting oil and gas. Due to the sensitive and valuable nature of these resources, the applications used to obtain them must be very well built, tailored around a specific set of requirements and able to withstand difficult environmental conditions.

As a highly respected supplier of high-performance precision-engineered materials across Europe, we offer gas and oil alloys of the highest quality.

We offer a large inventory of speciality alloys, including nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, titanium alloys, and stainless steel alloys. We’re actively involved in the planning and manufacturing process, offering support from the sketching board to equipment implementation. Collaborating with industry leaders, we strive to set the benchmark for quality and support.

Building quality alloys for oil and gas requires unwavering knowledge of the market, as well as the vision to anticipate possible shifts in the supply chain. We provide clients with access to a massive knowledge base regarding the manufacturing, distribution and selling of all components and materials needed for alloys. Our clients do not only receive alloys, they also receive unprecedented up to date insight into the high stakes oil and gas industry.

Our alloys can operate in extremely adverse environmental situations. The alloys are manufactured to perform in down hole, topside and sub sea conditions. The North Sea is one of the toughest, but richest extraction points on the planet. Not many alloys can withstand the extreme temperatures and pressure in the area, but NeoNickel’s ZERON® 100 alloy is proven to work optimally even in these very tough conditions. This highly effective alloy is routinely used in pumps, tooling and piping systems, but its flexibility and quality makes it appropriate for other components and applications as well. Leading companies suck as Exxon, Shell Gas and B.P. used the ZERON® 100 alloy for their piping systems, tubulars and platforms.

Avoid Corrosion on Oil Rigs

Oil rigs can suffer from structural damage and other types of integrity damage, as well as being prone to damage because of corrosion. Speciality alloys are used in this case to increase safety and efficiency. Unlike more commercial alloys, our alloys will not give up to cracks and will have considerably more strength. Top side applications such as flare tips and other high temperature applications also use our alloys. These special alloys are designed to function without a problem at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius.

Speciality NeoNickel alloys are used in sub sea applications as well. The alloys can be used in fire preventing systems, on platforms such as offshore oil rigs and pressure vessels.

Our alloys also serve down hole applications, Alloy 718 being widely considered the best choice for applications requiring strong and heat resistant alloys.

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