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Q-Fin Machines

Q-Fin Machines

At NeoNickel Blackburn, we have recently installed a new grinding and dust control system in our warehouse. The system comprises of 2 new Q-Fin grinding machines and a 30-m long duct system for extracting metal dust, especially from titanium alloys, directly out of the warehouse environment.

Q-Fin MachinesQ-Fin MachinesQ-Fin Machines

The first smaller Q-Fin machine is used for grinding any article that has a maximum dimension of 200 mm in one direction. The machine makes use of multiple rotating brushes and a sand belt of desired grit size to automatically deburr any rough edges and dress material surfaces. The automation allows much quicker dressing operation i.e. between 20-70 articles per minute depending on size, and higher quality surface finish.

The second larger Q-Fin machine has an ability to accommodate larger articles of any thickness and size up to 700mm x 1000mm. This semi-automatic machine allows more freedom of movement and human intervention when deburring larger, thicker or randomly shaped articles without compromising operation efficiency.

At NeoNickel, we always strive to achieve higher efficiency in our operation in order to deliver higher quality and better-value products to our customer.