Introducing our new laser – the Bystronic Byspeed 3015

HeaderNeoNickel Kingswinford has announced expanded processing capabilities at their 27,000 square foot service centre. The addition of a new Bystronic Byspeed 3015 laser cutting machine, complements their existing suite of processing capabilities.

The new laser cutter is 1,500mm wide by 3,000mm long with an automatic shuttle table. It has a working tolerance of +/ – 0.2mm and is one of the fastest laser cutters available. It is capable of cutting complex and intricate profiles.

NeoNickel Kingswinford offers a variety of processing options including waterjet and plasma cutting, multiple bar saws and QC laser rapid part inspector.


This addition continues the NeoNickel strategy of growth through tailored service and quick delivery for their customers. NeoNickel has continually invested in extensive processing capabilities, with this being the second Bystronic laser cutter added in recent years. Our commitment to invest in highly trained sales and metallurgical staff means NeoNickel’s broad material capability is firmly backed up with the technical knowhow to support customers’ needs.

NeoNickel is one of the largest independent stockholders of high performance alloys and is proud partner to Rolled Alloys and Corrosion Materials, in Europe. For more information on any of our services contact us today.

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