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NeoNickel is a metal processing UK provider that benefits from being a part of a network that stretches across Europe – we have bases in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. This type of organisation allows us to serve a growing base of clients all over the world, and we are constantly investing in our manufacturing and processing equipment to ensure that we can provide the very best range of services. This is all matched with a commitment to exceptional customer service, and our staff make a huge effort to understand the exact needs of every individual client.

This ongoing programme of investment in our manufacturing equipment and machinery translates into a range of UK metal processing options that include bar sawing, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting. Our laser cutting facilities offer a unique set of benefits to our customers, and this technology allows items to be manufactured with incredible levels of precision. The material is melted or vapourised by our revolutionary tools for cutting and shaping, before gas is applied to remove the molten metal. The sheer power involved with this technique means that high carbon steel can be cut with the same amount of effort as weaker standard steel.

Waterjet cutting harnesses the power of water, and its highly-precise technique allows us to use it for cutting materials of varying thicknesses. Virtually any shape can be cut using this method, and this makes waterjet cutting one of our most popular UK metal processing services. It is adaptable to any size of production run, making it suitable for both large volume customer orders and individual ‘one-offs’ such as prototypes. If a company is working to a specific level of budget, this method can be adapted to suit – this same principle can be applied to many of our processing solutions for affordability purposes.

For larger projects, our sophisticated plate sawing equipment is based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We use Behinger machinery that is capable of cutting through metals with a thickness of up to 200mm – making this UK metal processing service suitable for a wide range of projects. For more information about all of these solutions for businesses that require metal cutting and shaping, you can contact NeoNickel through their website or email one of their bases directly. Full contact details are listed at