Which Alloys Offer the Best General Corrosion Resistance?

The corrosion of metals comes at a great loss to companies in industries the world over as it counts for by far the greatest tonnage loss of metal.

The most common form of general corrosion is the uniform attack of an entire area of any material suffering prolonged exposure to corrosive weather environments, which will cause steel to rust for example.  As this is weather dependent it can be predicted with reasonable accuracy what the life expectancy of a particular piece of equipment will be.

Obviously we are only talking about general corrosion here, things like pitting, crevice and stress corrosion are more localised and therefore more difficult to predict.  As general corrosion can be predicted however, there is a method of rating each alloy’s ability to resist uniform attacks and therefore see which materials work better under those circumstances.  Those ratings are ‘Excellent’, where an alloy displays outstanding resistance to general corrosion and can therefore be used for making critical parts or components; ‘Satisfactory’, which means the metal is generally suitable for non-critical parts and finally, ‘Not Suggested’, which means the alloy is not suitable to be used in the environment in question.

Which Alloys Offer the Best General Corrosion Resistance?

So which alloys offer the best general corrosion resistance? At NeoNickel we have a range of general corrosion resistant alloys that remain durable for long periods of time, playing critical roles in demanding environments.  It goes without saying that the alloy you select should depend entirely on the corrosive environment it will be exposed to, so it is important you are fully aware of the properties that make up our alloys.  Some, like the 600 alloy are used in hot, concentrated caustic environments; whereas the AL-6XN alloy is used for when organic acids are present, such as naphthenic acids used in refineries.  There is also alloy 20, which has molybdenum and copper elements and is therefore ideally used in areas rich in sulphuric acid.

Whatever the environment, when it comes to supplying general corrosion resistant alloys, NeoNickel has a huge variety of relentless and ultra reliable metals available to suit customers working in the most extreme and demanding of environments.

To learn more about which alloys offer the best general corrosion resistance contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.